Don’t Be Vanilla

//Don’t Be Vanilla

Don’t Be Vanilla

a_clip_image002There’s nothing wrong with vanilla ice cream. It’s classic and there’s nothing like a good scoop of old fashioned vanilla on some peach cobbler.

But I’m using it here as a metaphor. If you want media attention, that’s one flavor you just can’t be—plain vanilla.

While Googling around, I ran across some ice cream shops that have gotten some tasty news coverage by being different.

An ice cream place called Dominion’s scored a nice article in the Baltimore Sun because of the wacky vegetable flavors they serve up including spinach, carrot, tomato, sweet potato and jalapeno.

a_clip_image004A Los Angeles ice cream shop owner made it into Better Homes and Gardens with his Sweet Corn flavored ice cream.

The Udder Delight Ice Cream House in Rehoboth Beach , Delaware has gained international media attention with it’s bacon flavored ice cream.

And the fine folks with the Lions Club of Scappoose, Oregon always manage to win national headlines with the Sauerkraut ice cream they dish out during the town’s annual Sauerkraut Festival.

My point is simply this: all they did to get publicity was to change the recipe. Frankly, I’m not sure they sell very much Sweet Corn ice cream in LA or Sauerkraut ice cream in Oregon . That’s not the point. They’re getting some cool coverage for themselves and are probably doing a booming business selling more traditional flavors to the crowds that are drawn in by the publicity.

So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is take your plain old vanilla PR plan and sprinkle on a little bacon. Trust me, the media will eat it up.

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