How do you write a press release that won’t just get thrown away? Here are some quick tips:

  • Target the right reporter: Anyone who knows me, has read my book or heard one of my speeches knows that I am not a big believer in just blasting out press releases. I am all about targeting press releases to the right reporter. With the internet these days there is not excuse not to do your homework, and figure out what the reporter covers.
  • Lead with value: Come up with a “grabber” in your headline. Don’t include your company name in the headline like a lot of PR firms do. It just shouts to the reporter or to the person reading the press release, “I’m the story.” What you want to do is highlight the benefit to the view, listener or reader.
  • Keep it short: One page is plenty. News stations get thousands of press releases every week. Make their job simple, and keep it short and to the point.
  • Make the press release “air-ready”: If you write your press as an anchor would read it on the air, the person making the decision about your press release will be able to visualize the story. Make the press release unique, informative and conversational.