Believe it or not, the media doesn’t just report negative news. In fact, there are a ton of positive stories filling the newscasts. Are you doing something good for the community and want publicity for it? Keep the following thoughts in mind:

  • Find the right reporter: Reporters all have beats they cover, and there are literally dozens of beats reporters can have – politics, health, business, religion, science, technology, consumer, and entertainment. If you want to promote a charity or community event, you want to find the reporter who covers “human interest” stories. These reporters typically cover up-beat, feel-good stories.
  • Promote the newsworthy topic: If you have something up-lifting going on, don’t promote the event itself, like a charity golf tournament, race for a cure or a blood drive. Instead, promote the cause or people the event is benefiting. Adding real people to the story will go a long way, and will provide your cause with a face.
  • Use the phone: A lot of people rely too much on email, and reporters can get up to 500 or more emails a day. Practice your pitch before you call, and pick up the phone and call the right reporter.