Slow News Days

Have you seen a story on the news and thought, “Why are they covering this? This is not news!” If you have, odds are it was on a slow news day. As they say, “The show must go on,” and breaking news or not, the news will still air.

Slow news days are when stories that might not otherwise make the cut can actually find a spot on the six o’clock news. If you want publicity, slow news days are your golden ticket to success. But how do you anticipate the slow news days? Take out your calendar, and start circling weekends, holidays, the days surrounding the holidays, and any other time government offices are closed.

From stories involving courts, lawmakers, schools, public administrators, etc. roughly have of all news stories are government related. It’s remarkable that journalists are able to fill a paper or put on a newscast without them.

On slow news days, the newscasts tend to be filled with fluff. Be smart with the timing of your publicity pitch by taking advantage of these slow news days, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting coverage.

Here are the 2015 Federal Holidays

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