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Collaborating at Real News PR

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Or so the saying goes. At Real News PR, collaboration is key. Each of our service departments must communicate with each other in order to provide the best service possible to each client. For example, when someone is successfully pitched to the media and goes on the news, we have to grab that appearance and post it to social media, update the client’s media page on their website, and make sure we’ve got a great slate designed for the piece. None of that would be possible without team collaboration.

We feel like a family here. It’s important to make personal touches instead of curt emails. Social Media Director Erica Cupaioli said this to the Miami Herald in an article on open offices and teamwork:

Despite being digital natives, young workers want human interaction and engagement with co-workers — and are willing to trade what was previously considered a perk. When Jeff Crilley promoted Erica Cupaioli to social media director at his Dallas marketing firm, the title came with a spacious office. But Crilley soon noticed that Cupaioli rarely worked in her office and instead spent most of her day in a communal area surrounded by staff. “I feel lonely and isolated in my office,” Cupaioli says. “Now I’m where much more interaction happens.”

Quiet Spaces Are Important

It’s important to make sure there are quiet rooms for the team to make phone calls or have meetings, but the open office concept works, at the very least, for our line of business. We are able to create cohesive branding packages as a team. We are able to gather around with a client and talk about their overall PR strategy.

Some collaboration even happens across international borders! Our SEO, Corey, expert resides in Canada. He uses a combination of email, phone and Skype to work with the Dallas team. Talk about long distance collaboration!

Could an open office concept work for your business?

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