Video recording testimonials for a client.

Setting up for an interview.

Flexibility is the quality of being able to bend without breaking. At Real News PR, flexibility is the core of our business. Our slogan is “Public relations at the speed of news” and if you watch the news at all, you know just how quick that speed can be. As organized and prepared as one might feel in our office, we all know to be ready to adapt to a new situation in the blink of an eye.


Take today for example. It’s Friday, the opening day of the State Fair. With three clients who are vendors there, it was originally planned for everyone in the office to attend. Fun day planned all around! Over the course of the week, slots were scheduled, videos and pictures were assigned and hashtags were planned. But as the week went on our schedule grew and to accommodate additional client needs, we found ourselves needing to bring in the backup photographers. Then we learned of a partner hosting a business luncheon and scheduled two team members to cover it with social media updates. Then a website needed to be launched! Not a problem; developer to the rescue! With the election coming and breaking news happening our PR department decided someone needed to man the phones and start calling reporters. Finally, a different client called and asked for a videographer and a field director to come help get testimonials from three of his clients during the few hours they were all together in the same city – and we pulled some resources to get it done! We also realized we needed some flyers to hand out. They were designed and sent off to be printed and ready to be picked up in the nick of time.


RNCN podcasting department broadcasting live from the State Fair!


All the while, the State Fair day went off without a hitch. The podcasts aired, the media were greeted by our clients and everyone left got their fill of funnel cake. Even though entire the Real News PR team didn’t get to have a team day at the Fair, in a way, we were more of a team than ever in our ability to be flexible and handle each challenge that arose.

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