Public Relations & Podcasting = The Perfect Marriage

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Public Relations & Podcasting = The Perfect Marriage

One of the latest and greatest service offerings Real News PR provides to its client’s is the ability to create a custom, state-of- the-art, quality-sounding Podcast! The Real News PR offices are very unique in that, unlike traditional PR firms where you’ll find cubicle mazes filled with writers pumping out mindless Press Releases…we operate drastically different here! In addition to our media, web and social media departments, we are also equipped with a video editing bay, a headshot specialist, and a commercial radio-quality Podcasting studio.

Hit the brakes! “What is Podcasting anyway?”

Great question! Put simply: Podcasts are online digital recordings produced in a series that are available for downloading to a computer or mobile device for audience consumption. Much like radio broadcasts, Podcasts are listened to, however, they are “broadcast” over the internet rather than through an AM or FM dial. Similar to a television series, you can subscribe to a Podcast series and listen to each new episode “on demand” at your leisure.

“So what’s Podcasting have to do with PR?”

It’s a question we get asked a lot and the answer is more simple than you’d think. Every great PR agency shares the same goal: to promote companies or individuals through editorial coverage. Similar to traditional television and radio coverage, podcasting is another form of editorial coverage that is often overlooked, partly because many have failed to recognize the power of the podcast. While many agencies have turned a blind-eye to podcasting, here at Real News we strive to stay ahead on what’s trending, and podcasting is what’s hot! As of 2016, 21% of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to a podcast within the past month (Edison’s Survey, Pew Research Center 2016). That’s a goldmine of untapped potential that we don’t want our clients to miss out on!

We’re not your teenage neighbor’s garage podcast

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating, here at Real News PR we like to do things differently! We don’t show our clients a dry PowerPoint about the benefits of Podcasting and leave them to their own devices. Instead, we equip our clients with the tools, advice, and guidance to create a successful show that will aide them in achieving their personal PR goals. Whether you’re looking to build your reputation in the media, successfully communicate with your audience, or increase visibility with increased recognition; having a custom Podcast is a great way to address all of these common PR goals.

Enter the Real News Communications Network.

To adapt to Podcasting trends, Real News PR created the Real News Communications Network (RNCN) an online network dedicated to our client Podcasts. Using their experiences gained from working in the world of traditional terrestrial radio, Zach & Kristin, the RNCN in-house Producers bring a Radio-quality studio experience to each Podcasting client. Our state-of- the- art facilities include all the equipment and match the sound-quality you would find in a commercial radio studio. We take the guesswork out of Podcasting so that you can simply focus on showing up to the studio to host a great show! Each Podcasting client is treated with concierge-level service including a board-op/engineer to handle the run-of- show operations and custom imaging created to make your show stand-out and get noticed. Clients and producers work side-by- side to map out a show-plan and craft a custom sound that will attract your target audience, while placing you front-and- center as the expert and authority on your subject of choice.

Furthermore, RNCN distributes its podcasts on popular media hubs including iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher which makes client content “discoverable” to a new consumer base. So if you’re looking to reach a niche market, tap into a growing and captive audience and have a fun and stress-free time doing it; contact the Podcasting Department at Real News PR today!

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