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Michael Ingle

Expert In:
Entrepreneurship, Cleaning Technology, Sleep Quality
Expert In: Entrepreneurship, Cleaning Technology, Sleep Quality

About Michael Ingle

At 14 Michael Ingle ran away from home with one-hundred and twenty dollars to his name and a bag of clothes. He called his Aunt to come pick him up, and as they were headed home, he looked out the window of the car and thought there are two types of people in this world – people who watch things happen and people who make things happen. He wanted to be one of the latter. Michael went on to create the Clean Sleep technology in 2011 which kills bacteria such as fleas, dust mites, and mold, to name a few. A few years later, he appeared on Shark Tank with this idea and passed on multiple offers given by the sharks. Since then, his company, Clean Sleep, has expanded into multiple countries and multiple states in the U.S. In 2020, Michael’s business pivoted in order to help frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic. He took the technology used to clean mattresses and applied that sanitation process to n95 masks. Sanitizing these masks kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and allows healthcare workers to use them up to 20 times. Michael’s goal is to get hospitals the machines needed to clean the masks so they can continue to use this technology for their PPE. Michael currently lives in Dallas, Texas and has multiple companies including Quickset Concrete, Ready Set Pour, Clean Sleep, and SLUMBuR. Michael is passionate about inventing new things, building businesses, engineering, vintage sports cars, and helping others.
Clean Sleep technology is an innovation for the cleaning and overall maintenance of mattresses and can reduce many common contaminants found in mattresses, thus improving their lifespan. Mattresses are cleaned on-site in as little as 15-minutes and are ready to be placed back into operation immediately following the service. There is a 5-step approach to Clean Sleep technology. It includes: Ultraviolet Light, which destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart germ DNA. The high temperature of vapor molecules, or dry steam, has been shown to kill bacteria and other things such as mold, fleas, flea eggs, and dust mites. The result is a surface that is sanitized, deodorized, and hypoallergenic. At 10x’s the rate of the average household vacuum, Clean Sleep’s high-powered vacuum extracts foreign particles that have built up in mattresses over time. The removal of these particles provides a significant reduction in triggers that lead to negative health implications for allergy sufferers. Ozone is used as an effective sanitizer. Infrared Heat is used to elevate the temperature above 150 degrees F to remove excess moisture from the mattress. When complete, the mattress will be dry and ready to use immediately. Clean Sleep’s market share includes hotels, senior living, hospitals, dormitories, and residential clients. Their mission is to create a good, healthy sleeping environment for customers and their families.


1865 McGee Lane, Lewisville, TX 75077
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