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Battle Ready with Derrich Phillips | Power Up! with NSA North Texas – Episode 19

By March 6, 2019March 11th, 2019No Comments

What does it mean to be "resilient?" Most folks would say it’s your ability to recover quickly, or to withstand difficulty; to weather the storm. And when it comes to getting through the tough times, it’s not how tough things can get, but how resilient you are that really matters. Just ask Derrich Phillips. He’s a Resiliency Expert and a speaker for TEDx Plano, and he does it all on the back of a career built from poverty to 3 combat tours in Iraq and 2 combat tours in Afghanistan- and he’s got a few professional cyber security certifications too! And today on a brand new episode of Power Up! with NSA North Texas, Betti is sitting down with Derrich to talk about how organizations can boost their resilience, what leadership at home and abroad taught him that you won’t hear in business today, and most importantly, why training your business (and your mind!) to be battle-ready is just what you need to Power Up!

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