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Childhood Brain Performance with Leigh Richardson | Ask Dr. B. Good – Episode 24

By March 5, 2019March 11th, 2019No Comments

Today on an all new episode of the Ask Dr. B. Good Podcast, Leigh Richardson, MS, LPC, NCC, BCN, BCB, BCIA Associate Fellow, Clinical Director at The Brain Performance Center will be joining us today to talk about the child brain!

Ms. Richardson has spent her educational and professional career learning human behavior. Her focus shifted in 2002, to understanding the role the brain plays in human behavior, and how behavior can be modified with the use of neurofeedback and biofeedback. Leigh holds a Master of Science in Counselling from the University of North Texas and is working to integrate cognitive behavioral therapy into the treatment programs for many clients.

Today we will be "picking her brain" on:

-The child brain- how it changes from early childhood to late teens.

-Things that can impact the child brain.

-How parents can grow and protect the child brain.

-Does what you eat impact the brain?

Join us to learn more about your child’s brain and how you can influence it to a higher level!

To learn more about Ms. Richardson and the The Brain Performance Center, visit! Texas Charter Schools Association #babybrainnews #thedevelopingbrain #growingthechildbrain