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Growth Doesn’t Just Happen! with Diana Gats | Power Up! with NSA North Texas – Episode 21

By March 20, 2019March 22nd, 2019No Comments

What is a "Growth Specialist?" We’ll give you a hint- it’s business related. Simply put, a growth specialist is a person that focuses on people, process, & profit in any business to identify problems, produce results, and ultimately, grow any company they’re a part of. Just ask Diana Gats. She’s a Golfer Gal, a Metrics Maven, and most importantly, a business advisor and growth specialist with over 25 years in corporate america and over 10 years as the founder of VPT Enterprise, her consulting company. Safe to say if anybody knows how to achieve growth, it’s her. And today, on a brand new episode of Power Up! with NSA North Texas, she’s sitting down with Betti to talk about how she makes it all happen!

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