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Huffines Auto- Dealerships celebrate 95 years in May

By April 15, 2019No Comments

Huffines Auto Dealership celebrates 95 years of business.

J.L. Huffines Sr. founded the company in 1924 opening the first shop in Denton.

The rest, is history, and a big part of that history is Harvey McClain.

He got behind the wheel his senior year of high school.

“I started off as just a floor sweeper and a flunky.” said McClain.

McClain spent 30 years at Huffines, working under three generations and moving on up the ranks.

He was a class act that eventually led his career to becoming the assistant service manger at several locations.

“They were so good to me all those years that I worked for them, they treated me well and they treated my family well and they paid me right .” said McClain.

More so than the good work environment and the heavy paychecks, McClain says the road he was traveling gave him purpose.

“One of the things that Mr. Ray Huffines did, he started a bible study membership there at Huffines, and I was involved in that and I wasn’t a very good Christian, i’m going to tell you at the time. He helped me to be saved and have a future in heaven with Jesus Christ and the Lord my Savior.” said McClain.

Three decades of changes, in his personal life and the car industry.

“In 1964 I bought, I bought a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, and I bought it for about $3500, and since I’ve retired I bought a brand new Chevy Malibu which is one of the ultimate vehicles and I paid well over $20,000.” said McClaiin.

McClain says they are experiences he would never trade it.

For Real News, I’m Sarah Macias.