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Len Bland | CEO Money Episode 37

By April 5, 2019December 30th, 2019No Comments

Mr. Bland reviewed thousands of inventions in his role as a Capital Matchmaker and raised millions for these companies. He recognized Nano Gas Technologies invention as world changing technology. As a result he decided to create the company and bring key individuals on that had worked with him over the years.
Len loves providing insight that leads to entrepreneurial growth, putting together teams of people to accomplish goals, and exploring technology with experts. Prior to Nano Gas, Len co-founded Patracorp, connecting the management team that has grown to 2,000 employees and grows 30-40% annually. Len sold his interest at 600x his investment in order to focus on Nano Gas Technologies.
Len coordinates and runs the BNC VC Group – Business Network Chicago Venture Capital Group.
Prior to founding the Concept Equity Group, Mr. Bland was VP of Sales for Tesseract, a human capital management software vendor and Napersoft, an international document management software vendor. In these roles, he implemented successful sales strategies targeting the C-level executives of Global 2,000 companies. Previously, he automated operations while managing information systems at Kraft Foods and Unisys, and analyzed company financials as an auditor for Grant Thornton.
Nano Gas Technologies recovers oil using nanobubbles of gas in solution. Nano Gas creates over 400 billion bubbles per liter averaging 200 nanometers in diameter. These Nitro Nano bubbles have doubled the production of an oil well and separated oil and water by floating oil as heavy as 10 API. We are targeting oil wells to roll out our solution.

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