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Nick Cherukuri | CEO Money Episode 39

By April 8, 2019December 30th, 2019No Comments

At ThirdEye Gen, we are developing the next generation of Augmented Reality for both the Commercial and Consumer worlds.

AR brings about a new era of human interaction – via directly interacting with surrounding objects through the Internet of Things (IoT) or placing digital info directly into your Field of View.

Our X1 Smart Glasses (™) represents the latest in powerful AR smart glasses technology .

Our X1 with Enterprise Solutions delivers a total enterprise solution straight-out-of-the-box. No need to utilize 3rd party software.
ThirdEye develops your custom software solutions and integrates into our X1 Smart Glasses- an easy to use solution. Our Enterprise page lists some of the applications we develop for enterprises.

Our powerful ThirdEye software platforms are used by Enterprises and Educational Institutions. They allow you to increase efficiency, maximize savings and use Augmented Reality to enhance your operations.

Augmented Reality has the potential to change so much of the way the world operates.

At ThirdEye Gen, our vision is to help lead the way.

Find out more at:
Twitter: @thirdeyegen