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Peter Harvey | CEO Money – Episode 22

By March 12, 2019March 18th, 2019No Comments

Who is Peter Harvey? He’s the CEO at Intelli-Global, a comany focused on results-driven data management, analytics, strategy design/execution and performance reporting. Peter’s career to date is a unique combination of leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies, as an entrepreneur in his start-up companies and in the roles of re-building and accelerating growth in venture-backed companies. From Verizon to Chase to GE and his own start-ups these companies spanned engineering, financial services, advanced marketing technology practices and AI. A common thread throughout his career is leading businesses from concepts to large scale enterprises. And today on a brand new episode of CEO Money, he’s sitting down with Michael to talk about how he made it all happen!

To find out more about Intelli-Global, visit their website at