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4-DAY WORK WEEK? Mark Fenner shares on TV

By December 8, 2019No Comments

Recap Client in the News Highlight (blog by Sarah Crilley, Real News PR Vice President)

Business Strategist, Mark Fenner is featured on TV and shares how The Four-Day Work Week may on the table for some companies. Let’s dig into this subject from pitching Mark to capturing the interview in the Real News Studios, RNCN

Why we pitched Mark on this subject? Well, frankly it’s a HOT topic in newsrooms across the country and around the world!

“This is a huge topic and the Real News PR team is on top of it! We believe there are endless talking points from this subject. Work-life balance and productivity which is constantly in the news.” says Real News PR staff. We are actively booking Mark other clients on multiple stations throughout the year chatting about work-life balance.

Timing on this subject is always a key point we use with Real News PR. 

As a staff of former journalists, we coach our clients continually on TIMING. “Think about the holidays coming up, perhaps there are employees keeping this in mind when the stress of holiday shopping and planning for the New Year may be on their mind. Employees and Employers alike may be less productive at work during this time of year. Adversely, employers may be pushing HARDER this time of year! Mark is the perfect interview when it comes to timing! He jumps on the subject matter quickly and is very conversational giving TV and Radio hosts plenty of material to use for interviews. Mark is always a soundbite machine!” adds Real News PR staff member, Sarah Crilley. “I see our team continually adding Mark to subject matter like this including the moments we will cover below!”

In this particular interview, we agree at Real News PR that a big company like Microsoft openly sharing their findings on what happened in Japan adds to the feeding frenzy on this subject. Mark Fenner studied this and shares on TV his business insight.

Moments from this TV interview: The Four-Day Work Week featuring Mark Fenner on Carlos and Lisa TV

With record low employment it may be time for some companies to consider this. “The idea of a four-day work week may have some validity if it is going to get your employees more engaged. Though, companies need to keep in mind their shareholders and customers” shares Mark.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a long weekend EVERY weekend?” shares a TV host from The Carlos and Lisa Show. Mark Fenner is the expert business strategist that has insight on this subject that may make your ears perk up! Employees and employers alike may be interested in this topic.

Talking points from this TV interview:

-Could too much time on employees hands make them lazy?

-Do companies truly have the flexibility to experiment with their traditional hours?

-Find out which companies have tried this and shared it was a MESS and self confess the findings from working “less” hours. Mark shares the companies that have tried this and share the failures.

-Work-life balance

-Companies that take Friday’s off and thinking outside the box to retain talent

-Working from home one day a week

Insight from this subject opens up thoughts on productivity. Carlos and Lisa hosts share the thoughts on what they think and attracting young talent chatting with bosses on trying something like this!

Mark featured on TV in LA

Talking points and social media captions we are using: Could the four-day work week be the future for some companies? Microsoft shared their findings in other countries and this has sparked an insightful conversation with Business Strategist, Mark Fenner!

Mark shares his thoughts on some pro’s and cons when it comes to this hot topic on The Carlos and Lisa TV show. The Four-Day Work Week is a very interesting topic and Mark was happy to share his thoughts with this trending show in LA.

“There are companies that may be trying a four-day work week VS a traditional five-day work week”


Behind the scenes on production:

Our Real News PR and RNCN team jumped into action with Mark when he was booked on The Four-Day Work Week. Mark was featured on a trending show in LA. There are companies that may be trying a four-day work week VS a traditional five-day work week.

Mark joined the Real News Team at the RNCN studios located within Real News PR.

Let’s hear from Mark Fenner as he shares his thoughts on the four-day work week on The Carlos and Lisa Show! Very interesting subject that both employers and employees may be thinking about.