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Snoozing on Employees with Courtney Ramsey | Power Up! with NSA North Texas – Episode 17

By February 20, 2019February 25th, 2019No Comments

It’s easy to hit the snooze button. You wake up, you roll over, and you tell the world to take a hike while you sneak another ten minutes in the comfort of your own bed. But as we all know, the snooze button comes at a cost. You get up late, you rush, and ultimately, you’re probably worse for it. So when it comes to managing a company, you might be surprised how many CEO’s seem to hit the snooze button when it comes to employee retention and engagement. Just ask Courtney Ramsey. She’s got over 15 years of experience in corporate learning, human resources, and she knows about changing behaviors! She’s trained over 20,000 associates from companies like JCPenney and Zales in leadership, conflict resolution, operations, and more! And today on a brand new episode of Power Up! with NSA North Texas, she’s sitting down with Betti to get to the bottom of why managers always seem to forget about employee engagement, what they can do about it, and ultimately, how to stop hitting the snooze button in the first place!

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