What We Provide

Most PR firms are staffed by people who have never worked in news. We are the nation’s only public relations firm exclusively staffed by former journalists.
Real News PR has a full service video production unit which includes HD, broadcast-quality shooting, editing, writing, and producing.
There is no form of communication more impactful than public speaking. Our team can help write and coach an effective presentation as well as book you to speak from audiences that will add to your bottom line.
In this digital age, an effective website can be what makes or breaks a business. With our full service web design division, Real News PR offers website creation, redesign, and webmastering services to our clients.
We recognize that while most people know they need to blog, Tweet, and post to their Facebooks, many are too busy to do it. We help clients create a consistent stream of valuable content that enhances their brand.
Our SEO team will create a strategy that is specific to your requirements and ensure that your website scores highly on the criteria employed by popular search engines to rank websites.

Our Clients in the News

The only PR firm staffed exclusively by former journalists

Jeff Crilley

Real News Public Relations is the country’s first all-journalist PR firm, staffed exclusively by former award-winning reporters, editors, and producers.

Having seen the failures of the public relations industry firsthand from within the news room, Real News PR was founded in 2008 by a team of media experts with the purpose of delivering results instead of promises.

We guarantee success because unlike other PR firms, we speak “journalist”. We work with clients to develop stories that the media will love, and we deliver them in a language they understand.

Some Words From Our Clients

The success of Real News PR has been nothing short of meteoric. I’ve been with them since they opened their doors and have literally done hundreds of national and local media interviews thanks to their contacts and news know-how.
Clint David