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Dallas Public Relations Firm

Based in Dallas, TX, Real News PR is the nation’s first PR firm staffed exclusively by former journalists.

Hundreds of media outlets and publications have featured our clients, including…

About Our Dallas PR Services

We're different from other firms. We speak "journalist."

Our most important job is helping our clients tell their story. We do that through a variety of ways, including getting positive news coverage, creating high quality videos for your website, promoting your image through social media, booking speeches to get you in front of your target audience, and even by helping you get found through search engines by optimizing your website.

In order to effectively communicate your story, it is important to speak the language of the journalists who will be covering you. With decades of award-winning journalists, we understand the needs, deadlines, and pressures surrounding a newsroom, and we are unique in our industry because we speak “journalist.”

There is so much noise in the world today. In order to have people hear your story, you must communicate it in a simple and effective manner. Often clients are too close to their own story to recognize what their story is. As former members of the media, it was once our job to zero in on the central story and tell it in an impactful way. Now, as the members of one of Dallas’ premier PR firms, it is our job to use our skills in order to know your story, know your audience, and to convey your story better than anyone else.

Our PR Playbook:

Launch your company or product

Whether it’s your company, brand, or a new product hot on the market, we can handle the PR for your big launch.

Establish yourself as an influencer and thought leader

When the media comes looking for an expert take, we introduce them to you

Local publicity

Do you have a company with a strong local presence? We can help you reach the customers nearby.

Seasonal stories and tips

Whether it’s Valentine's Day or tax season, there is a calendar full of ways to tie you into a seasonal event.

Cool promotions and publicity stunts

Thinking about doing something with the potential to go viral? We have the contacts and experience to promote your latest stunt or product promotion.

Move the industry narrative forward

If your industry is red hot, we put you into the middle of the conversation with the media.

How Our PR Firm Can Help Your Brand

How Can We Help You?
  • You have an urgent crisis situation.
  • You need to bring exposure to your company, organization or brand.
  • You are looking to have professional videos created to promote your image.
  • You want to get booked to speak in front of large groups of your target audience.
  • You need a nationally recognized speaker to deliver a keynote address or program on crisis management or executive leadership.
  • Your website is currently not working well to bring in new business from Google.
  • You haven’t yet explored what social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube can do to bring in new customers and clients.
Our Dallas public relations experts offer:
  • Story ideas guaranteed to get news coverage
  • Media coaching to help you be your best
  • Effective strategy to combat negative news
  • Guidance to keep reporters coming back to you as an expert in your field for years to come
  • Creation of one-stop-shopping news events for reporters that the press will be fighting each other to cover
  • Taking advantage of slow news cycles to get maximum coverage and publicity while the media is starving for stories

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