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Hispanic Public Relations - Dallas, Texas

The nation’s first Hispanic public relations firm staffed exclusively by former journalists.

We don’t just speak Spanish. We speak “journalist.”

Our Spanish-speaking PR division helps promote brand awareness in the Hispanic community through various services:

We recognize that the Hispanic market is highly influenced by interpersonal relationships thus we help you tell your story in an effective and engaging manner.

Telemundo, Univision, Hispanic/Spanish Media Outlets
We work with:

Companies, restaurants, products, services, professionals and leaders as well as non-profit organizations to create, promote, market and engage a diverse cultural and multilingual audience.

Whether you are a small company or a multinational conglomerate that is looking to create brand awareness or just to effectively communicate with a diverse national or international audience, we can collaborate in order to tailor a message that is both culturally, lingually, and ethically responsible as well as meeting the parameters set by the personas or companies’ mission statement and vision.

Our Hispanic public relations experts offer:
  • A fully bilingual and bicultural team that understands the Latino community
  • Story ideas guaranteed to get news coverage
  • Media coaching to help you be your best
  • Effective strategy to combat negative news
  • Guidance to keep reporters coming back to you as an expert in your field for years to come
  • Creation of one-stop-shopping news events for reporters that the press will be fighting each other to cover
  • Taking advantage of slow news cycles to get maximum coverage and publicity while the media is starving for stories

Need help reaching a Spanish-Speaking audience? Contact Us: