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Grow your brand as a medical expert with our specialized PR and marketing services for doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals.

We'll help your medical practice gain media attention and boost credibility.

We specialize in providing PR and marketing services for doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals. 

Our packages offer the ideal solution to position your staff as thought leaders in the medical industry. .

We have helped countless practices grow their brand and build notoriety as experts in their fields. Our services include:

Doctor interviewed on the news

Case Study: Healthcare PR Client

Watch the video below to see the results we have produced for one of our clients in the healthcare & wellness industry:

Our Healthcare PR Services

We offer a wide range of PR and marketing services to empower healthcare professionals to grow.

At our agency, we provide our Doctor and Medical Professional clients with a number of PR and marketing services designed to help expand their reach and improve their overall success.

Our services include:

Make your healthcare practice visible through positive media mentions and interviews.

Don’t wait for your next patient to pick up the phone to see why they should choose you. For your medical practice, we can produce video case studies, FAQs, and practice overview videos.

In order to ensure your doctors and staff deliver flawless interviews every time, our team provides training on understanding the media, what drives reporters, how to answer difficult questions, and more.

When a PR crisis comes knocking at your door, our team will navigate the situation with you so that you end up with the best result possible.

Your patients expect to hear from you, but many medical offices do not have the bandwidth to create high quality content. We make it easy with our social media and newsletter content creation services.


Increase your medical office’s search engine rankings on Google and Bing with our SEO services for doctors.

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Our Process

1. Consultation & Kick-Off Call

Our team connects with your doctors, nurses, and anyone else involved with our campaign. We'll meet with your staff to discuss the PR and marketing goals for your practice and establish a meeting schedule.

2. Managed PR & Marketing Services for Healthcare

We get to work on generating positive media opportunities and high quality content for your healthcare brand.

3. Monthly Progress

Each month we review the results of our campaign with you in order to plan new content and refine our strategy.

Why Real News PR?

“We have been working with Real News PR for a little over two years, and our experience has been fantastic. The media attention and PR spots Real News has facilitated continue to improve our brand awareness and increase the speed to trust for our organization. If your company is looking for quality exposure, Real News is the PR firm for you!”

Jennifer P.
Chief of Staff of Tech Company & Real News PR Client

Types of Healthcare Professionals We Work With

Our team of PR professionals has a wealth of knowledge working with a variety of medical practitioners, so we are confident that we can produce successful outcomes for your practice:

Frequently Asked Questions

PR (Public Relations) in healthcare refers to the strategic communication processes used to build relationships with the media, enhance brand awareness, and position healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists, and nurses as thought leaders. It includes services such as media training, media appearances on various platforms, press release distribution, social media engagement, SEO to improve online visibility, and crisis communications to manage a healthcare practice’s public image.

Public relations (PR) services can benefit doctors and healthcare professionals by enhancing their reputation and increasing their visibility in the healthcare industry. By creating compelling content and engaging with the media, PR can help to position doctors and healthcare professionals as experts in their field and establish them as thought leaders. This, in turn, can help to attract new patients and improve the overall perception of the doctor or healthcare professional.

Our PR services are designed specifically for doctors and medical professionals. We offer a range of services including media relations, publicity, content marketing, social media management, and crisis communications. In addition to these services, we also provide strategic counsel and advice to help doctors and medical professionals develop and implement effective PR campaigns that align with their goals and objectives.

Typically, with doctors our crisis communications involves implementing strategies to minimize the negative impact of a crisis situation and protect the reputation of the doctor or healthcare professional. This may include steps such as: identifying the crisis and assessing its potential impact, communicating with the media and stakeholders in a timely and transparent manner, and both monitoring and responding to ongoing developments and public reactions.

There are a few different ways that we can measure the success of a PR campaign for a doctor or healthcare professional.

One common approach is to track media coverage placements and measure the reach and impact of the campaign. We have software that counts the number of media placements, the circulation or audience size of the publications, and the tone and sentiment of your press mentions.

Another way to measure success is to track engagement metrics on social media and other online platforms, such as the number of likes, shares, and comments on posts related to the campaign.

Additionally, we may also use surveys or other forms of research to gather feedback and measure the campaign’s impact on the doctor or healthcare professional’s reputation and business goals.

Podcasting can be a powerful tool for doctors and healthcare professionals to share their expertise and experience with a wider audience. By hosting or appearing on a podcast, doctors and healthcare professionals can establish themselves as thought leaders in their field and gain valuable exposure. Podcasts can also be a great way to connect with patients and provide useful information and advice in an engaging and accessible format. Additionally, podcasting can help to improve search engine optimization and drive traffic to a doctor or healthcare professional’s website.

We provide specialized PR and marketing services including media training, media appearances, press release distribution, SEO, social media engagement, video production, and crisis communications to help doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals grow their brand.


By building relationships with media and bloggers, increasing credibility through media appearances, and driving social media engagement, we help medical professionals position themselves as thought leaders in the industry.

Our comprehensive packages include dedicated account management, content marketing, media training, interview opportunities, video production, and SEO specifically tailored for healthcare practices, ensuring a wide reach and success.

Yes, we offer media training to ensure that doctors and staff can understand the media, answer difficult questions, and deliver flawless interviews.

Absolutely! Our team is skilled in navigating PR crises to ensure the best possible outcome for healthcare practices.

We use specialized SEO services for doctors to improve search engine rankings, making your medical office more visible on platforms like Google and Bing.

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