When a crisis happens… who ya gonna call in Dallas?

If a crisis occurred today… right now… at your company, what would you do?

Take a moment to really stop and think about it—what would you do? Do you have a team ready to respond? Does your company have a plan in place that protects your employees, operations and reputation? What are you going to tell the media when they arrive, as they inevitably will?

There is an old saying in corporate America – You know it’s going to be a bad day when your phone rings and the receptionist announces that “Mike Wallace is here to see you!”

What should you do when a negative news story happens? Our team of seasoned journalists will work with you to form a crisis plan. What do you say to the media? Who is the best person in the organization to face the media? Or would you like one of us to be your spokesperson? Each member of the team has spent their entire adult life in front of the camera.

How can Real News PR help you?
  • You have an urgent crisis situation.
  • You need first response help now.
  • You need to find a crisis consultant.
  • You need media coaching or testimony/presentation preparation.
  • You need a nationally recognized speaker to deliver a keynote address or program on crisis management or executive leadership.
  • You need to educate yourselves about crisis management.
  • You need resource material and crisis management
Our Dallas crisis communications experts offer:
  • Guidance for management during crises and during recovery
  • Hands-on management of essential crisis problems
  • Management leadership development during critical crises
  • Counsel on prevention, readiness, response, and recovery

Need help navigating a crisis?