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Media Training Workshop - Dallas, Texas

Interactive Media Training Workshop

Media training from the team who used to be the media.

Real News Public Relations' media relations strategies help professionals better understand the media, what drives reporters, and how to use your understanding to nail the interview every time. Formal media training is important, whether you’re being interviewed on TV, in print, or on the radio, one thing is certain: it’s not the reporter’s questions that make a story newsworthy, it’s your answers. Our media trainers are journalists that will train you on messaging and techniques to ace your media interview and deliver your message every time.

Media Training Interview

Media Interview – Interactive Workshop & Coaching Overview


Participants will be provided with techniques, guidelines, and actual systems for each aspect of an effective broadcast media appearance.

Key Takeaways

The focus will be on best practices for preparation, bridging techniques, answering tough questions, on-camera delivery and emotional messaging.

Practice Interviews

Participants will engage in recorded on-camera appearances. If desired, participants can take part in a mock broadcast media presentation with their peers playing the role of the audience. Constructive critiques will be offered throughout the experience.

Live Feedback & Q&A

Participants will have the opportunity to watch their appearance on camera and will receive a precise review of their strengths, weaknesses, and, most importantly, step-by-step instructions on how to solve their specific problems.

Our Media Training Workshops Cover:

  • Target audiences
  • How to look and sound great on TV: Body Language and Intonation
  • Message crafting, storytelling, and public speaking skills
  • Emotional messaging: using a media appearance to make people care
  • The art of owning a TV, radio, or print interview
  • What journalists want and what journalists need
  • Press releases: when should you send them?
  • The art of the soundbite
  • Bridging techniques
  • How to answer difficult questions
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Media Training Dallas - Jeff coaching
Media Training Workshop

Our Expert Coaches Teach How To:

  • Set goals for every interview
  • Practice your body language so you look your best every time
  • Stay consistent and focused with your key message
  • “Bridge” any instances where your message may be taken off track
  • Create catchy takeaways and soundbites in order to ensure you are remembered exactly how you want to be
  • Adapt your presentation for the medium: phone interviews, TV interviews, and print interviews

Example Workshop Agenda:

Briefing on messages, body language, eye contact, bridging techniques and possible sound bites. Jeff will show videos of good and bad interviews.
Trainees are provided with an interview scenario, as well as likely questions and answers for the interview.
Interviews are conducted exactly as they would be in real life, using broadcast quality camera, lights and sound equipment.
Interviews are played back with attention to pauses, eye contact, tone, body language, use of sound bites and ability to bridge back to the talking points. Coachable moments are discussed.
Break for lunch
More trainees are interviewed. We can use the same scenario. The video is played back with attention to the same verbal and nonverbal issues. Coaching moments are discussed.
Attendees are given a crisis scenario that has risen to the level of a full scale press conference.
Jeff briefs teams on the art of handling difficult questions, managing interview dynamics, and navigating an interview without saying anything that would create troubles for the legal team. Attendees participate in a press conference in which one or more spokespeople are designated and the attendees become the reporters.
Mock press conference begins.
The video is played back with attention to both verbal and nonverbal communications, ability to stay on message and not say anything that would get anyone in trouble with the corporate legal team.
Discussion, review, questions and feedback.

Meet Your Instructor

Jeff Crilley retired from TV news after 25 years in the business to start the country’s first “all journalist” PR firm. During his career he made hundreds of national news appearances including CNN, CNN Headline News, FOX News, The Discovery Channel, Good Morning America and The CBS Early Show.

He has been recognized by his peers with dozens of national and regional awards including the Emmy, the National Headliners Award, the Edward R. Murrow Award, the Thurgood Marshall Award, and in 2004 was named by the Texas Associated Press, “The Best TV Reporter in the state.

Jeff now uses his experience and knowledge of the newsroom to run one of Dallas’ largest PR firms and to coach professionals on becoming better interviewers.

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Want to get trained by former journalists & news media personnel?

If you’re looking to get trained by former journalists and news media personnel, look no further than the Media Training Workshop in Dallas, Texas. Our workshop is led by experienced professionals who will help you develop the skills you need to communicate effectively with the media. You’ll learn how to craft a compelling story, deal with difficult questions, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the news industry. So whether you’re a business executive, politician, or nonprofit spokesperson, the Media Training Workshop will give you the tools you need to succeed.