We Speak Journalism.

Real News Public Relations is the country’s first all-journalist PR firm, staffed exclusively by experienced, award-winning reporters, editors, and producers.

After witnessing the failures of the Dallas public relations industry from within the newsroom, Real News PR was founded in 2008 by a team of media experts with the purpose of delivering results instead of promises.

We guarantee success because unlike other PR firms, we speak “journalism”. We work with clients to develop content the media needs, and deliver them in a language they understand.

Our Playbook:

Launch your company or product

Whether it’s your company, brand, or a new product hot on the market, we can handle the PR for your big launch.

Establish yourself as an influencer and thought leader

When the media comes looking for an expert take, we introduce them to you

Local publicity

Do you have a company with a strong local presence? We can help you reach the customers nearby.

Seasonal stories and tips

Whether it’s Valentine's Day or tax season, there is a calendar full of ways to tie you into a seasonal event.

Cool promotions and publicity stunts

Thinking about doing something with the potential to go viral? We have the contacts and experience to promote your latest stunt or product promotion.

Move the industry narrative forward

If your industry is red hot, we put you into the middle of the conversation with the media.

CEO Jeff Crilley

Having seen the failures of the public relations industry first-hand from within the news room, CEO Jeff Crilley founded Real News PR with a vision to equip his company with a team of media experts. The mission of Real News PR is “to deliver publicity at the speed of news, with the purpose of delivering results instead of promises.”

We guarantee success because unlike other Dallas PR firms, our unique approach is most effective since we speak “journalist.” We work with our clients to develop stories that the media will love and in a language they understand. Paired with the team of journalists, our marketing experts build the brand and awareness that makes an impact.

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Meet The Team

Jeff Crilley

CEO / Founder

Sarah Crilley

Vice President

Josh Hart

Josh Hart

Director of Operations

Laura Martin

Head of Media Engagement

Ashley Goodus

Ashley Goodus

Content Manager

Dallas Crilley

Dallas Crilley

Digital Media Strategist

Sarah Macias

Digital Correspondent

Chris Ghanbari

Chris Ghanbari


Joe Brittain

Podcast Producer


Ziggy Becker

Podcast Producer

Trelvis Giles

Trelvis Giles

Video Podcast Producer

Andrew Weimerskirch

Media Technician & Stage Manager

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Emilio Diaz

Podcast Producer