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Media Relations Services in Dallas, TX

Whether you need media coverage or a new brand identity from the ground up – we can help.

We know that just getting featured in the news isn’t all that there is to public relations. If your brand isn’t making the best impression possible or is lacking on other channels, you aren’t taking full advantage of our services.

We offer a vast array of services that serve to improve any company or brand’s marketing mix.

Media Outreach & Publicity

Staffed exclusively by former journalists, no one can reach out to the media better than we do.

Crisis Communications

Does your company have a plan in place that protects your employees, operations, and reputation? What are you going to tell the media when they arrive, as they inevitably will?

Media Training

Real News Public Relations’ media relations strategies help professionals better understand the media, what drives reporters, and how to use your understanding to nail the interview every time.

Hispanic Public Relations

We don’t just speak Spanish. We speak journalism.

Reputation Management

Many established brands and businesses have had their online reputations damaged. Whether you need help creating positive mentions, removing negative reviews, or getting your presence back on track, our team can help.

Press Releases

Our team of experienced journalists will craft a compelling press release that captures the essence of your message and is easy to read.

Podcast Production

Become a thought leader in your industry. Staffed by former radio DJs and producers, Real News PR has a full service podcast production studio, allowing you to host a top-tier digital broadcast without the hassle.

Live Streaming

Reach new customers and clients with the power of live video. We have the studios, the producers, the production quality, and distribution handled.

Video Production

The Real News PR video team has broadcast journalism experience, which results in our shoots being produced “news-style.” Our clients find that this lends a certain air of credibility and timeliness to our videos and leads to a better quality product overall.

Remote Podcasting

Our team of professional podcast producers can set up and manage your show from anywhere in the world.

Custom Video Production

The Real News PR videography department can make custom videos to fit the needs of your brand or business.

Social Media

Improve your brand presence and attract new customers on all social platforms.
We are specialists in all of the largest social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin.

Live Event Streaming

Live stream your next event with Real News PR.

Marketing Services

Brand Building

When it comes to your company, brand is everything. It represents your company both in the media and in your customer’s mind. Your brand is your company’s personality, and you definitely want a personality your customer will approve of, remember, and prefer every time they decide to purchase.


Our SEO experts have in-depth knowledge of how popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank websites in response to a search keyword. Our SEO team will create a strategy that is specific to your requirements and ensure that your website scores high on the criteria employed by popular search engines to rank websites.

Web Design

Although many design companies are focused on a business model based around finishing sites as quickly as possible, we focus on making sure that you get a site you are thrilled about. The Real News PR-Web, we strive to create a unique Internet presence for your company or brand that’s aesthetically pleasing, search engine friendly, long-lasting, and that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Company Marketing

How you let the world know about your new product can make all the difference between success and failure. There’s an old saying, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” That’s just not true anymore. There are plenty of wonderful mousetraps out there that no one will ever buy because nobody knows they exist.