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Media Relations Services in Austin, TX

Looking for comprehensive media coverage or a content marketing solution from scratch? We’ve got you covered.

We understand that getting featured in the news is just one aspect of public relations. If your brand isn’t making the best possible impression or lacks presence on other channels, you’re not maximizing our full range of services.

Media Outreach & Publicity

With a team comprised exclusively of former journalists, nobody connects with the media quite like we do.

Crisis Communications

Is your company prepared to protect your employees, operations, and reputation? What will you say to the media when they inevitably show up?

Media Training

Our media relations strategies at Real News Public Relations help professionals better comprehend the media, reporter motivations, and how to leverage this understanding to ace every interview.

Hispanic Public Relations

We speak more than just Spanish. We speak journalism.

Reputation Management

Numerous established brands and businesses have experienced online reputation damage. Whether you need assistance generating positive mentions, removing negative reviews, or getting your presence back on track, our team is here to help.

Press Releases

Our seasoned journalists will craft an engaging press release that effectively communicates your message and is easy to read.

Podcast Production

Become an industry thought leader. Staffed by former radio DJs and producers, Real News PR boasts a full-service podcast production studio, enabling you to host a top-notch digital broadcast without the hassle.

Live Streaming

Expand your client base and reach new customers with the power of live video. We have the studios, producers, production quality, and distribution covered.

Video Production

Real News PR’s video team brings broadcast journalism expertise, resulting in our shoots being produced in a “news-style” manner. Our clients find that this lends credibility and timeliness to our videos, leading to a superior overall product.

Remote Podcasting

Our professional podcast producers can establish and manage your show from any location around the globe.

Custom Video Production

Real News PR’s videography department can create tailor-made videos to meet your brand or business needs.

Social Media

Boost your brand presence and attract new customers across all social platforms.
Our expertise spans all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Live Event Streaming

Stream your next event live with Real News PR.

Austin Marketing Services

Brand Building

Your brand is the cornerstone of your company, embodying your business in the media and in the minds of your customers. Your brand represents your company’s personality, and you want a personality that your customers will approve of, remember, and choose every time they make a purchase.


Our SEO experts possess in-depth knowledge of how popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank websites in response to search keywords. Our SEO team will devise a strategy tailored to your needs, ensuring your website ranks highly based on the criteria used by popular search engines.

Web Design

While many design companies prioritize a business model centered on completing sites as quickly as possible, we focus on ensuring that you receive a website you’re thrilled about. At Real News PR-Web, we aim to create a distinctive online presence for your company or brand that is visually appealing, search engine friendly, long-lasting, and surpasses your expectations.

Company Marketing

How you introduce your new product to the world can mean the difference between success and failure. The old saying, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door,” no longer holds true. There are plenty of fantastic mousetraps out there that no one will ever buy simply because they’re unaware of their existence.