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5 Boilerplate Press Release Templates and Examples

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We understand the importance of conveying your company’s milestones, partnerships, and success stories in a concise and compelling manner. We also know that it can be confusing and frustrating at first. That’s why we’ve developed five specialized press release templates to assist you in crafting the perfect message. Whether launching a new product or celebrating an award, our templates are crafted to help you make an impactful statement.

Our Press Release Templates Cover:

  1. Launching a New Product or Service: Generate excitement with a structured announcement that highlights the features and benefits.
  2. Starting a New Partnership: Share the news of collaboration with our template designed to showcase the synergy between the entities.
  3. Hitting a Company Milestone: Acknowledge significant achievements with a press release that encapsulates the journey.
  4. Winning an Award: Celebrate your recognition with a graceful announcement that amplifies the honor.
  5. Merging or Acquiring a Company: Communicate key details of mergers and acquisitions with our thoughtful template.

Each Template Offers:

  • Customized content depending on the nature of the announcement
  • Guided brackets for easy personalization
  • Consistent structure with varying details to suit the specific event

Press Release Writing Tips:

  • Start with a clear lead: Introduce the main news succinctly.
  • Include insightful quotes: From company leaders or involved parties, quotes add a personal touch.
  • Utilize bullet points if possible: Listing key points ensures readability.
  • Keep it concise: But don’t hesitate to add relevant links to product, company, or blog pages.

Why Choose Our Templates?

At RNCN Studios and Real News PR, we leverage our unique positioning as a full-service production studio and PR agency to amplify your voice. We believe in telling compelling stories, and our press release templates are designed to help you do just that.

These templates are more than mere documents; they’re tools for empowering your brand, fostering growth, and positioning yourself as an industry leader.

Click here to access the Press Release Templates

Make your announcements resonate with our specially crafted press release templates. Tailored to your needs and easy to use, they are a valuable addition to your PR toolkit.

Example Release Template: Launching a New Product or Service

Use this template to tell people about a new service you’re offering or a new product you’re adding to what you sell:

[Contact Name]
[Organization Name]
[Phone Number]

[Title/Headline of Press Release]
[Press Release Subheadline (Maximum of One Sentence)]

[CITY], [STATE] – [DATE] – [Company Name], a leading provider in [industry], is thrilled to announce the launch of [Product/Service Name], a groundbreaking solution designed to [brief description of the main benefit or feature].

“Introducing [Product/Service Name] marks a significant milestone for us,” said [Executive’s Name, Title]. “This innovation represents our commitment to [core value or mission], and we believe it will [specific impact or result].”

If applicable: “[Partner Company Name] is excited to collaborate with [Company Name] on this venture,” added [Partner’s Executive’s Name, Title]. “Together, we see the potential for [shared goal or vision].”

Key Features of [Product/Service Name]:

  • Feature 1: [Short description of feature]
  • Feature 2: [Short description of feature]
  • Feature 3: [Short description of feature]

[Product/Service Name] will be available [release date] at [location or website].

For more information, please visit [Company Website] or contact [Contact Name] at [Contact Email/Phone Number].

About [Company Name]:
[Short paragraph about the company, its history, mission, and key offerings.]

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