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Meet the Queen of the State Fair of Texas

By October 18, 2019October 21st, 2019No Comments

Queen of the State Fair

Queen of the State Fair

The Real News team couldn’t be more excited that Channel 8 had the opportunity to meet the Queen of the State Fair of Texas.
Everybody talks about BIG TEX as the star of this event.

Big Tex of the State Fair

But who is The Queen of The State Fair of Texas?

Meet Wanda “Fern” Winter, AKA “Fernie”

Her name is Wanda. But, you might know her as Fernie. She has been doing funnel cakes at the state for over 50 years! Fernie has sold millions of funnel cakes. She is such an icon that celebrities take pictures with her.

Oprah with Fernie at the State Fair of Texas

At the age of 93, Fernie doesn’t make it out to the fair very much anymore. Sean Giggy from Channel 8 and Fernie were blessed to share her first funnel cake of the year!

Sean Giggy sharing a funnel cake with Fernie

Fernie has won more awards for her funnel cake creations than she can fit in her deep fryer.

Her family now carries on her legacy so Fernie can sit down where it all stated and enjoy this sweet life.

There is ONE THING that is MORE FAMOUS than Fernie’s Funnel Cakes…. Watch the video to discover!