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Healthy Work-Life Relationship while Raising a Kid with Client Kelly Accetta

By November 7, 2019No Comments

Kelly Accetta is an internationally-known personal development and success coach. She has spoken on women issue topics including sexual harassment and gender issues. She is a dynamic interview and has been seen on stations from coast to coast!

Today she is featured on radio stations across the country talking about work-life balance as parents. This is an important topic.

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 “How do you have a healthy work-life relationship while raising a kid?”

Kelly Accetta shares LIVE on 600 WREC via Fox News Radio October 9th, 2019

“The strain and the struggle that caregivers are going through is very real. It is truly a journey. There was a study of over 3000 people in several countries found 55% of caregivers are struggling with health problems because they do not have enough left at the end of the day to take care of themselves. 57% felt they needed mental and emotional support. 21% felt their career was being affected. 12% even had to give up their careers.”

Accetta continues, “Many of us have parents who are struggling caregiving for our parents who have dementia and Alzheimer’s and special needs family members. Many caregivers experience a high amount of stress, anxiety and financial strain.”

We are so thankful its finally getting attention for solutions.

Please check out the embracing carers company. There is a global caregiving solutions company called by day and by night launching soon to offer support.

Kelly continues with solution-driven advice throughout the interview, “I encourage the baby boomers to get a long term care policy. There is help out there so you will be able to schedule, plan, and get help without being a financial and physical burden on your loved ones.”

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Kelly has written a book called “How to diffuse the landmines we plant in our minds”.

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