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Why Are Over 60,000 Seniors Dying Annually?

By October 23, 2019November 4th, 2019No Comments

Client Frank Bowles is an Entrepreneur on a mission to save the lives of seniors that endure a life threatening fall.

“There is a terrifying statistic of how many seniors die within 1 year after a fall and I have invented a product that is potentially life saving”

Read more to find out about Frank and his product featured on The Jeff Crilley Show:

Imagine your loved one, your father, mother, aunt, uncle, brother, best friend, or grandparent falls. Within one year, they are taken away from you forever.

We all have grandparents we love dearly. Jeff Crilley is elated to speak to Frank Bowles about the game-changing protector he invented that saves seniors lives and provides security and comfort. CEO of Real News PR, Jeff Crilley, with The Real News Communications Network could not wait to spread the good news to our local community.


Frank Bowles, is the Founder of HTK Pads. He could not stand to hear this tragedy everyday in his life or on television. He worked countless hours to invent this device. The HTK Pad is senior-friendly. It is easy to put on and take off while maintaining enough protection to save a life. The HTK device is designed to protect senior citizens from fracturing their hip, leg and knee fractures. Knowing over 60,000 people a year die due to hip fractures, we are here to provide relief for the future of these terrifying statistics.

Online at www.HTKPads.comĀ 

Frank has identified the problems and solutions for the safety and life span of our loved ones.

The Problem:

  • 300,000 Hospital Admissions of Fallen Seniors
  • 20% of Seniors Die Within 1 Year After just 1 Fall
  • 30% of Seniors Suffer Long-Term Disability after a Fall
  • $30,000 Cost Per Falling Event on Average


  • Frank compares the bones to a floor. When a floor is walked on with high heels, the floor will have indentions in it. When the floor is walked on with flat shoes, the floor will be flat forever. When the bone takes the impact- it needs to be strong and “flat” if you will to be able to withstand without breaking the bone.
  • Once someone falls and experiences a hip fracture, they often are afraid to get back out again.

The Solution with HTK Pads:

  • When you wear the pad, it softens the fall and dispurses the impact so no bones are fractured or broken.
  • This device restores the confidence to get out of the house and make more memories with your loved ones or run important errands.
  • This device saves lives and creates the ability to make new memories with loved ones.

Frank shared the HTK Pad pro-type with his Medical Doctor. When his Doctor said “If my Father were wearing this when he fell… He would probably still be here with us today.” He knew exactly what he needed to do.



Watch Jeff Crilley’s Interview Video with Frank Bowles speaking of the details of the new HTK Pad here.

Frank Bowles | The Jeff Crilley Show

Jeff Crilley welcomes Frank Bowles, founder of HTK Pads. Frank is looking to drastically reduce injuries in seniors caused by falls, which can greatly impact the quality and length of someone's life.Learn more at

Posted by Real News Communications Network on Monday, October 14, 2019